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Meditation & Mantra

The Joy of Practice

October 27 – 29

With Mary Angelon Young,

Thomas Borman

& Karen Sprute-Francovich

Everything in the Universe is linked in a luminous field of continuous creative flow, nourished by a graceful exchange of energy, knowledge, beauty, happiness—an abundance that may be discovered through the timeless yogic arts of meditation and mantra. While we polish the mirror of the mind singing mantras that inspire joyous moods and invoke the flow of a greater life, the sahaja (innate, easy) approach to meditation cultivates awareness of our own natural state. Following the timeless wisdom traditions of tantra and bhakti, over three days we will relax into an inner journey to experience sacred and transformational space. As the heart opens, we discover an innate wellspring of clarity, inner strength, love and compassion for ourselves and others. 

Friday – Sunday October 27 – 29

9 am – 5:30 pm (ending at 4 pm on Sunday)

Each day will include:

  • Asana and Pranayama taught as meditative practices and as preparation for seated meditation.
  • Teaching and practice of Seated Meditation
  • Theory and practice of Mantra & singing of the Divine Name (kirtan)
  • Teaching and practice of Contemplative Silence & Walking Meditation


Sliding Scale Tuition – all 3 days: $270 – $360.

Sliding Scale Tuition Saturday and Sunday only: $144 – $270.

This sliding scale tuition is designed to help people who need to pay less while also aiming to adequately compensate not just one, but three teachers. Please place yourself anywhere on the scale, no questions asked, any amount gratefully accepted. Thank you!


There is no greater yoga than to be perfectly natural.                —Sri Anirvan

Meditation should be fun…. It should be light and joyful, interesting, fascinating and productive.         — Khepa Lee Lozowick


Mary Angelon Young is a former college teacher and Jungian psychotherapist who “gave it all up” thirty years ago to practice in depth and travel the world with her spiritual teacher, Khepa Lee Lozowick, until his death in November 2010. Her ongoing journeys have honed a love of the temples, deities, myths and ashrams of India (as well as the cathedrals and standing stones of Europe)—a passion that is interwoven in her writing and workshops in Europe and North America.

With eight published books, from travel memoir and Indian philosophy to biography and fiction, Mary’s work focuses on the bhakti and tantric traditions of India, writing as transformational practice and singing kirtan—mantra and the divine name—to invoke sacred spaces. She lives on Triveni Ashram in the high desert mountains of Arizona nine months a year and spends her summers teaching and traveling in Europe. See for more information.

Thomas Bormann started meditating at the age of sixteen, which planted the seeds for his first trip to the East in search of radical wisdom. Upon returning to Germany, these early experiences eventually led to meeting his spiritual teacher in 1986—an event that profoundly catalyzed a deepening of his path and gave birth to twenty-five years of counseling, teaching, and coaching both individuals and groups in Europe and the United States. Known for his sincerity and grounded clarity, Thomas generates group spaces of openness, exchange, and well-being that encourage meditation as a means to cultivate inner strength and calm in our turbulent times. Thomas currently lives most of the year in France at the European ashram of Khepa Lee Lozowick, and at Triveni Ashram in Arizona during the autumn months.

Karen Sprute-Francovich first found Yoga – or really Yoga found her – in 1972 when she was 16. The simple elegance and joy of Yoga immediately caught her heart, mind and body and she was hooked for life. She was initiated into meditation in 1976 at the age of 20 and began teaching Yoga and meditation in 1986. She is deeply grateful for the Influence of all her teachers but especially Khepa Lee Lozowick and the lineage of Yogiramsuratkumar. In addition to her work as owner and caretaker of Garden Street School of Yoga, she teaches Anusara Yoga Immersions & Teacher Training Programs as well as retreats and workshops. Karen is a writer and a lover of poetry and prose. She thrives on nearness to water, swimming, dancing and hiking. She is inspired and renewed by her husband, her 2 grown sons, her students, friends on the path and fellow teachers at Garden Street and beyond.

शक्तिपातानुसारेण शिष्योऽनुग्रहमर्हति ।
यत्र शक्तिर्न पतति तत्र सिद्धिर्न जायते ।।

“Shaktipata-anusarena shishyo’nugraham arhati”

By entering the current of Divine Shakti’s descent into the heart,
the true student becomes capable of receiving grace.
~Kularnava Tantra 14.38