karen_2Karen Sprute-Francovich Karen Sprute-Francovich M.A, Certified Anusara Yoga teacher, Certified Anusara advanced teacher trainer (CATT) and E-RYT-500 & YACEP, first found Yoga – or really Yoga found her – in 1972 when she was 16. The simple elegance and joy of Yoga immediately caught her heart, mind and body and she was hooked for life. She began teaching in 1986 and from 1986 – 2001 she also maintained a thriving practice as a Licensed Body Work Therapist and Chinese Medicine practitioner (AOBTA and NCCAOM). In 2001 she founded Garden Street School of Yoga. Since 2014 she has served as co-chair of curriculum for the Anusara school of Hatha Yoga. She is deeply grateful for the Influence of all her teachers and especially Lee Lozowick in the lineage of Yogiramsuratkumar. In addition to her studio classes, she teaches Yoga Immersions, Teacher Training Programs, retreats and workshops. Karen is a writer and a lover of poetry and prose. She is a dedicated meditator and she thrives on stories, nearness to water, swimming and hiking. She is supported, inspired and renewed by her husband, her 2 grown sons, her students and her fellow teachers at garden street and beyond.

TerriTerri Simmons-Wright, Anusara Inspired and Yoga Alliance Registered Teacher (E-RYT 500) has been a wholehearted, dedicated student of Karen Sprute-Francovich and Garden Street School of Yoga since it opened in 2001. She “grew up” there, having taught preschool in the same Garden Street building from 1996-2007. In 2006, she began teaching yoga (and continues to teach) at Garden Street and at North Idaho College. She has been deeply influenced by the principles of alignment of the Anusara Yoga method, as well as the teachings of Lee Lozowick, the practice of Self Observation, and the principles of Twelve Step Recovery. She weaves these influences into her classes to encourage a deep and embodied unification of the body, heart and mind with the sunlight of the Spirit, on the mat and in daily life. She has also extensively studied the curriculum of the Mindful Schools Program for children and adolescents, and weaves these teachings into her unique kid’s yoga programs. She is currently in an ongoing study of Trauma Sensitive/Trauma Informed yoga with the aim of being able to offer extended yoga programs for those recovering from alcoholism/drug addiction, domestic violence, and PTSD. She knows wholeheartedly that healing happens through a well-informed embodied practice!

JenJenifer Harbour, Anusara Inspired and Yoga Alliance Registered Teacher (E-RYT 500 & YACEP) began the practice of Yoga in 2005, continued in-depth study of Yoga in 2006 with Karen Sprute-Francovich and completed her initial teacher training 2007. She has since completed 2 advanced teacher training programs and continues to study deeply and widely. Her life-long studentship keeps her teaching fresh and informed. Jen brings her love of Yoga, of the body and its blueprint of alignment, as well as a great sense of focus, fun and enthusiasm to every class she teaches. She is the founder of Triathlon Yoga Classes in Coeur d’Alene, is a Restorative Institute Certified Foot Practitioner, a member of International Association of Yoga Therapists and a credentialed Radiant Child Yoga Teacher Level 1 and 2. Jenifer is eternally grateful to Karen, who is her ongoing mentor, to all of her teachers in Yoga, and to the wisdom and inspiration she draws from the lineage of Lee Lozowick and Yogi Ramsuratkumar.

ThineThine Bloxham, Yoga Alliance Registered (RYT 200), came to Anusara Yoga 10 years ago, at the age of 60, as the result of a challenge from her daughters. She won the challenge and also quickly became aware of the healing and transformative nature of yoga as her arthritis and general health improved. She attended more and more classes as she grew to love the practice and in the Autumn of 2007 she began a yearlong Anusara Immersion and Teacher Training Program at Garden Street. She continues to be an avid student of Yoga and of the anatomy and biomechanics of the body. She is an expert on the changes that come with aging as well as the ways that Yoga practice can help to keep one balanced, moving freely and in better health as age progresses. Thine taught Senior’s Yoga at North Idaho and continues to be a tremendously popular teacher of Seniors Yoga at Garden Street. Her knowledge and expertise as a teacher serve to encourage and inspire other seniors to practice Yoga.

LauraMelissa Dodge Hutchins (RYT 200, Body-Mind-Centering practitioner, Pilates Master Trainer) has had a lifelong passion and talent for movement studies. Her division 1 collegiate basketball career taught her early on – via its highs and lows – to search for deep balance and mindfulness in movement and in life. Melissa taught neuromuscular reeducation at a P.T. office in Utah from 2003-2008, studied yoga and embodied anatomy with Bonnie Bainbridge-Cohen and the School of Body Mind Centering from 2008-2010 and earned her 200 level yoga teacher training in 2010. With her husband and two young children, she moved to Coeur d’Alene in 2011 to be near family, fresh air and water. She began taking classes from Karen at Garden Street, quickly realized she had found an amazing teacher and mentor and subsequently completed the 2013 Garden Street Immersion. She is happy and honored to be a part of the Garden Street School of Yoga community and holds deep respect and affection for its students and teachers.

MissyJulianne Edwards Dodge was introduced to Garden Street after two semesters of yoga at NIC. In one year (2009), she had her first son, Charlie (1st of 3), married her true love and met her lifetime mentor/friend Karen at Garden Street Yoga. In 2013, she completed a 200 hour Anusara Yoga teacher training at Garden Street Yoga. Julianne is “beyond honored” to be a student at Garden Street Yoga, and now to be teaching alongside of some of the most magical and inspirational women she has ever known. Through her teaching she hopes to share what she has always loved about being a student at Garden Street: mindfulness, playfulness and a non-competitive atmosphere. When she is not at the studio she is busy loving 3 beautiful boys and a beautiful man, Morgan, her husband. She is grateful for her family who have taught her how to love and forgive. Juli is inspired by dance, music, children, poetry and her community. She says of Yoga and Garden Street and Coeur ‘d’Alene, “my roots are deep here, I am home”.