Meditation Workshop

Save the Date! Friday, Saturday and Sunday October 27 – 29.

A 3 day workshop with with 3 amazing teachers, each of wh0m has decades of experience in meditation.

Mari Angelon Young & Thomas Borman will teach Sahaj Meditation (Sahaj means “natural”).

Karen Sprute-Francovich will teach physical aspects of meditation including the bio-mechanics of sustainable meditation postures and basic yoga and breath-work to support meditation. She will also teach the energetics of meditation. She will bring to her teaching – as always – poetic inspiration to encourage a sustained practice of yoga and meditation.

All three teachers are grounded in the Yoga philosophies of non-dual tantra and feel that this weekend will support meditation practitioners from a wide variety of spiritual, religious and meditation backgrounds but may be especially appealing to meditation practitioners who are interested in exploring the role of devotional (bhakti) practices  in keeping meditation alive, sourced and full of heart.

Time and tuition details coming soon.